Our Offerings


Aavishkaar Capital’s Equity offering’s investment thesis is to leverage the confluence of consumption, financial inclusion and technology across emerging low and middle income populations to build sustainable, impactful and highly scalable businesses, which can create significant value for both the investors and the society across Asia and Africa. We invest across three core sectors; Financial Inclusion, Sustainable Agriculture and Essential Services. Aavishkaar Capital currently manages an AUM of c. US$500 million across seven equity funds. We invest in growth companies (Series A and beyond) and our ticket size ranges from US$5 Million –US$25 Million.
Aavishkaar Capital seeks to invest equity in businesses which meet the following criteria- A) Operations focused on the targeted demographics of the emerging 3 billion population B) Business model with the potential to scale significantly within 4 to 5 years and C) Strong management team with the ability to capitalize on the market potential. ·
With an active investment style, including board representation, Aavishkaar Capital supports the investee companies in building their capacity for growth by advising on strategy, governance, operational processes, human resources, and fundraising.

If you are looking at transformative ways to grow your business through equity investing, write to us at funds@aavishkaar.in

Structured Credit

Aavishkaar Capital, in addition to equity investing through its seven funds, also extends structured credit through its eighth Fund known as the ESG First Fund, a USD 250 Million fund, in partnership with KFW, that caters to the capital needs of resilient and thriving businesses across the Global South. Our Structured credit offering empowers and enables businesses with no access to traditional sources of financing. While each of our credit strategies has a distinct investment objective and risk & return profile, they are all grounded in Aavishkaar Capital’s unified investment philosophy – Prioritize ESG principles, risk management, and consistency.
As the world hurtles towards environmental and social consciousness, it is imperative for businesses to balance their financial goals with social responsibility. The ESG First Fund is an impact credit fund for the Global South which will help catalyze sustainable development for companies that place environmental and social concerns at the heart of their business strategy.
If you are looking at transformative ways to grow your business through structured credit visit us at the ESG First Fund